Bjorn P.M. van der Wee
September 6th, 1989

Studied international business at IVA Driebergen.

Intrigued by "form follows function" and symmetry.

Motorsports is my main interest in terms of photography.

Used to improve my skills Nürburgring or other tracks, but given the circumstances and my new place of living I have to find alternatives.

Heavily attracted to culinairy events.

Massive supporter of MV33.


Toronto, May 29th, 2021

It's been almost 1,5 years since I moved to Toronto. Not so much the experience I hoped for but hey, I guess things will get better soon!  At least I had the chance to see some parts of Canada already and did cool photography related things.

I did however decided not to set up a company here in order to do paid photography assignments. Just too much hassle and my fulltime job doesn't really allow it. But I'm happy to attend events during weekends, so just reach out if you'd like to have pictures/visual memories.



Toronto, April 22nd 2020

About six weeks have gone by after announcing a semi-lockdown in Canada. And 4 weeks ago the government decided to close all non-essential businesses; a huge impact on the economy but apparently they can afford it.

For me, after only living here for 2,5 months, this isn't particularly nice. I bought a bike to spend some time on but the weather isn't helping either -too cold!    Photography luckily helps a bit to kill time but obviously assignments are very limited and while siting at home, it's hard to get inspired and look for new opportunities. But we need to stay home, safe and positive...

Let's hope, especially for the frontline workers and those infected, this will be over soon!



Toronto, March 13th 2020

Living in Toronto for a month I have so far experienced and enjoyed the city every weekend. I was lucky enough all weekends have been really good in terms of weather. Sometimes really cold, always very windy but excited anytime!

Walking a city and looking for photogenic moments is difficult. You really have to get a hang of it, but once you have it, you cannot unsee it.

The next step is to find cool events to cover but I'm sure this -and so assignments- will come anytime soon. Especially looking forward to Spring / Summer!



Dordrecht, December 1st 2019

Great things are going to happen as I will move to the other side of the world for business. From mid-February I will leave The Netherlands and start living in Toronto, Canada.

I remain active in the same type of business and I am always open for new assignments. Especially for automotive and related events.

Below you can find my contact details for any inquiries. Hope to see you soon!



Dordrecht, 1-1-2019

Sinds die datum staat de naam BJØRN.MEDIA geregistreerd en ben ik daarmee officieel actief als freelance plaatjesmaker. Heel bewust heb ik voor een naam gekozen die dichtbij mijzelf staat en breder ligt dan enkel fotografie waardoor ik maximale service kan bieden.

Door de diverse markten waarin ik actief ben, leer ik veel mensen kennen. Mensen die mooie producten en/of diensten leveren. Het is altijd fijn om geholpen te worden bij het maken van keuzes en daarom ben ik enorm voorstander van een goed netwerk. Specialisten die weten waar ze het over hebben, die kunnen ontzorgen!

BJØRN.MEDIA richt zicht als bedrijf voornamelijk op fotografie maar kent binnen de wereld van (moderne) media ook de juiste personen voor videografie, social media beheer, website creatie enzovoorts.

Kunnen wij elkaar verder helpen? Kijk vooral even naar de verschillende segmenten in het menu en schroom niet om je vraag te stellen. Ik sta altijd open voor een gesprek!



Bjorn van der Wee
T: +316 29 81 22 66 / +1 437 237 4194

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