Online, the basics of a good appearance of your company. Sometimes the old fashioned organisations will pay a high price and lose business against the small start-up having a fancy website and looking all up-to-date professional.

Having a decent company identity is more important than ever. Environmental and society awareness are one of the most important topics these days on which you can distinguish. But also personal approach, open communication and known your customer is key.

Reference jobs:

  • (Online) content creation
  • Visualizing USP's of your company
  • Visualizing your employees 
  • Project progress visuals
  • Company- and sponsor event coverage

Since I am certified VCA-VOL, I have knowledge about the safety rules on various outdoor locations such as factory areas, construction area, industrial plants etc. Therefore I'm able to cover (non-EEx) projects within specific areas.


Send me an e-mail at hello@bjrn.media and I will respond within 24 hours. You can reach me by phone at +316 29 81 22 66 or +1 437 237 4194.

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